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Our Story

our story

Our mission is to help people reach their full potential by cultivating a supportive and inclusive community centred around equine activities.

That's a lot of big words and ideas, we know.  But let's paint a picture of what that actually looks like.

You drive up the driveway to nickering horses.  Our dog alarm sounds.  Her name is Kiwi. She makes sure that no one goes unannounced.  You open your car door to a much friendlier greeting of floppy ears and a drooly tongue.  That's Baguette.  He loves kids.  


You're already calmer--there's science behind that feeling you have (Ask us about your horse's electromagnetic field!) Your child is giggling and giddy.  They run into the arena to get their helmet.  


While you watch your child dote on their horse, a big fluffy orange cat surprises you by jumping on your shoulders.  Meet the aptly named Mischief.  He's our wearable cat, and he will keep you cozy on cold winter days. 

While you watch your child ride, you chat with the other parents.  You arrange a play date for your children after the riding lesson next week.  You laugh about how they will probably just talk about horses the whole time.  You're happy their only boyfriends for now are Jakob and Freyr.  

On the way home your child talks nonstop about how lazy their horse was in the beginning, how hard it was to finish the obstacle course their instructor set up that day, and how happy she is to have finally gotten their horse to stop next to that barrel.  You think to yourself that you can't believe you finally found something that lights up your child so much.  You tear up when you think of the friendships they are making at the barn that they just can't seem to make at school.  You remember how angry your child was getting over the littlest things just a few weeks ago, and how she now is learning to name that anger and choose better actions.  Who knew horses were the answer to that!? Neither of you can wait to come back next week. 

Our Instructors

our instructors


I'm an entrepreneur and horse-lover dedicated to sharing my passion with you and your family. I have been immersed in the horse world since I could barely walk, but more recently have been concentrating on teaching others. Everybody deserves an opportunity to connect with horses and benefit from their therapeutic capacity. That capacity is why I am particularly focused on teaching kids and youth with special needs.

Growing up on a farm in rural Quebec was the perfect childhood to take me where I am now. I now manage our riding arena, boarding facility and a herd from a cute little pony to a stunning warmblood. When you come to visit you'll find me fixing fences, feeding horses, saying "NO RUNNING" and smiling from ear to ear.


Horses have played an integral part in making me who I am today.  In high school, horses connected me to mentors and lifelong friends.  They gave me leadership opportunities through 4H and my first job (and my second and third). They taught me responsibility as I cleaned stalls every day in the summer.  They taught me perseverance as I trained my first young horse who was particularly difficult. They taught me time management as I balanced horse ownership, a job, and university.  They taught me to pause before acting out of anger or frustration.  Everybody deserves to have these same opportunities for learning, growth, friendship, mentorship, and joy.  It is my passion to teach you how to get the most out of horses and empower you to participate in this sport and community.  With 10 years of experience teaching riding lessons, 15+ years of experience with horses, 10 years of experience with at-risk youth, and certifications in Youth Mental Health First Aid, Suicide Prevention, Abuse Prevention, Equine Assisted Therapy, and Healthy Child Development, I am dedicated to helping children and teens reach their full potential no matter the hand they've been dealt.    That's why I specialize in teaching our older kids and adults as well as our at-risk youth classes.  I can't wait to see you out at the farm!

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